Dome electrics - Step down power supply

Step down voltage reducer came in post yesterday.
Hooked it up to 7.2v power pack and digital volt meter and adjusted it down to 3.5volts.
It does say it's range is 3-40v, but it only showed min of 3.5v before the digital readout would go blank. Still 3.5v is still OK for running the smoke pump.


Next, was to test it on the pump unit. But after an slight incident(??) with the battery contacts, the unit's light failed to re-light and no power at end terminals. At £2.69 it's not the end of the world and have ordered some more. Still a bit disappointed with myself though.


R5D4's sound system 1.1 - Audio FX Sound Board

Have ordered more components for R5's sound system.

The 'Sound Board' I've ordered is an alternative to the normal one used by most builders. But at half the price, and after I'd checked with our IT guru's on the UK R2 Builders Forum, I was assured it will do the same job.

It's not MP3:
  Quote: The sound board is designed to be simple: it does not have polyphonic ability, can't play MP3's (MP3 is patented and costs $ to license, so this board uses the similar but not-patented OGG format, there's tons of free converters that will turn an MP3 into OGG), isn't reprogrammable or scriptable, and you can't have any other kind of trigger type. However, there's a good chance the project you want to make will work great.

Also bought some speaker cable, for the speakers (still to buy) but also for connecting up the sound card to the 12 Channel remote unit, which I had ordered, but then received an e-mail stating there were quality issues with the units so a refund was on it's way....


R5-D4 - Bad Motivator Smoke system 1.4

Last night I got on with a small bit of work on R5''s smoke install.

First I unn-wired the switch and battery (12v 23A) for the red motivator LED. Then the switch for the eye sensor LED's. These won't be needed once the slip ring is installed.

Next, I hot glued the smoke pad into place. I had already checked clearance with the Motivator arm movement.

Then, the pump.



R5-D4 - Bad Motivator Smoke system 1.3

Installation of smoke system into R5-D4's head.

Un-installed the dome digital voltage meter, not going to need it 'inside' R5's dome for the upgrade. Then figured out a way to semi-perminately mount the e-Cig unit. I wanted clips so the it would be held in place but could also be removed if needed. I knew these found clips would come in handy, result! Cut some MDF to a size and screwed the clips on.

Test held the unit inside the dome and its position and it all fits and works.
E-Cig smoke R5D4E-Cig smoke R5D4

Cut some foam leftover from the transmitter Scanner Case (link) and cable tied it to the pump.......

Next will be actually fitting the unit and the pump system.


Dome Motor's 6volt battery holder

Was thinking the other night, after testing R5's dome motor, that I needed to securely mount the 6 volt battery that will power it. So I drew round it on some 6mm thick spare MDF and then cut out the middle. I then cut some dowel up into lengths and push fitted these into the larger base. The top ring is then held in place with small screws.

17.02.15 **UPDATE** This is so the battery will slot into it.
Battery HolderBattery Holder

This is possibly only temporary, once the electrical upgrades (step down voltage units) come into effect.


R5's weigh's how much!?!?!..............update 2015

Almost a year ago I went and weighed up R5's parts.

I needed to do an update for reason's that will be made public in a few months time.

His Body, Leg's and Head [Dome] haven't had that much done, but his feet now have motor's etc and also he now has two 12v & a 6v battery, plus extras etc.

He now weighs in at 55 Kg's!!

Not an easy thing to be lifting into the back of my car lol.


Dome electrics - Slip Ring ordered

Ordered a slip ring for powering R5's dome components.

This I hope will allow me to power the motivator unit, smoke & pump and also light up R5's eyes, which at the moment are useing a 9.6v rechargeble battery fitted in his dome.

R5D4's sound system 1.0

There are lots of different ideas for installing sound and I was originally looking as a very simple (& cheap) Bluetooth speaker, linked to my phone for playing sounds. But after reading a recent post on the UK R2 Builders Forum, I realised that I could build a system and control it (& the Motivator system) from a 12 channel remote control unit.

So along side the electrical upgrades needed for R5's 'Bad Motivator' unit etc, a sound system is now also in progress.

Just ordered my Sure amp off eBay
More updates coming soon [well....after pay day lol]


R5's smoke system - 1.2 - Video Dome Test

Been testing the smoke system for a while and been working on the electrics system and figuring out how to trigger it and the motivator/smoke system.

Well earlier I thought I'd actually try the smoke unit inside R5's dome and vent it out the pie hole.

Click on the picture to link to video on R5's You-Tube channel.

Dome electrics.......upgrade plans......W.I.P.

With plans for electrical extras inside R5's dome, I've had to think about how to power them and control them, what with possibly three different voltages!

I like this challange as its something new to do on R5. It has to be affordable (cheap) and simple for my head to comprehend lol.

I'm thinking of using reciever controlled switch to operate the Bad Motivator 'pop-up' and smoke system, but theres also the 12 channel remote switch unit?? A slip-ring unit will also be needed as the power units are to be in the body (as at the moment, R5's eyes and Motivator LED are battery powered and inside his head).

More updates coming........

** Events for 2015 with R5-D4 **

Am really looking forward to attending events this year!
Some, for the first time with R5 being fully movable, feet and dome!!
Some (possibly) with sound and motivator/smoke action lol.

Charity Sci-Fi Day - Saturday May 25th - Corsham

Collectormania 23 - Saturday/Sunday 13th/14th June - Milton Keynes
[only Saturday for R5]

Feel the Force Day - Saturday October 10th - Peterbourgh [TBC]

Chippenham Sci-Fi - Saturday October 24th

All of these events have facebook & web pages, so go check them out.
Look out for R5 and say hi :)


R5D4 Blog Update.....

It's been a busy few weeks, work & home life. Have only been able to do little bits on R5, been playing with mixtures for the smoke system, looking at how to install it and how to activate it remotely. Also been looking at a sound system to get him 'talking', linking this with the sound/smoke/motivator 'popping up'.

The sound project has sort of come out of the blue as I wasn't planning on fitting sound yet, due to funds, but my recent birthday has changed this :)

So am trying to get all this sorted out in time to hopefully have R5-D4 fully operational this year!!
And maybe even for some of the later events in the year!


Centre Foot - wheel platform upgrade

Cut a spacer plate out of 6mm MDF. Holes made and placed between wheel base and inside face of wheel platform. This will hopefully raise the ground clearance of the back of the centre foot shell. As it has always looked a little to close for comfort!

 My work station

 New longer bolts were needed to fit.