R5-D4 - Bad Motivator Smoke system 1.3

Installation of smoke system into R5-D4's head.

Un-installed the dome digital voltage meter, not going to need it 'inside' R5's dome for the upgrade. Then figured out a way to semi-perminately mount the e-Cig unit. I wanted clips so the it would be held in place but could also be removed if needed. I knew these found clips would come in handy, result! Cut some MDF to a size and screwed the clips on.

Test held the unit inside the dome and its position and it all fits and works.
E-Cig smoke R5D4E-Cig smoke R5D4

Cut some foam leftover from the transmitter Scanner Case (link) and cable tied it to the pump.......

Next will be actually fitting the unit and the pump system.

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