R5-D4's Dome control system 1.2

Back in November @ Collectormania 22. I saw Owen's R2, a fellow UK R2 Club member, who has a similar control system to Victors, but his has a linkage system to his micro switches, this I like.

Soldered up the wires to the two micro switches, and heat shrunk the contacts. This includes wires to connect up with the 'test' power, which is a 6V battery.

I tested the motor on one of the 12V batteries and to me it seamed to fast for my liking, where as the 6V gave a more movie style movement. This is a personal choice, which kind of goes with the sad R5 feel from the film.

All wired up and tested and YES, the micro switch idea works (more excited my soldering works lol)

January 2015
What with Xmas and being ill, I've not had a chance to get on with any R5 work.....until one night last week. I wired up the servo and tested out the idea of it switching the micro switches, using the transmitter. In principle it worked lol.

Saturday 17th - Fitting of R5's dome motor!
The idea was to fit the motor with a pivot point and spring tension. But I found that the metal bracket has enough 'flex' in it not to need the spring. The rotating disc is not perfectly round lol, so I found the smallest part of its diameter and screwed the bracket into place. There was a bit of movement from the bracket when the motor moves, but the flex is okay.

This next pic you can see the screws in place.

This pic shows the limited space.
You can see the inside of the dome structure also.

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