R5-D4's Dome control syatem 1.3 - COMPLETED

Braved the cold of my garage Saturday afternoon, to install R5's dome switch unit. Basically a servo linked up to swith two micro switches to power dome motor left/off/right.
Fitted the board to the inside upright and all plugged in. Just need to sort the batteries plug so its charger can plug into it to be charged.
R5-D4 Dome control switch unit

R5-D4 Dome control switch unitR5-D4 Dome control switch unit

Have been happy since sorting the switches out and that it would actually work, but to finally install the switch panel in and test R5's dome properly, with the transmitter, felt like I had actually achieved the basic level of completing An Astromech. That being 'full motorisation, feet and dome' :)

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