Custom box for radio transmitter - 1.5

Didn't get chance over the weekend to do much work. Though I did apply some wood filler and some sanding. Monday I was able to apply more primer spray then some sanding, and a few more coat's of primer.

Monday night, I stopped off to buy some more blue spray, only to be told that they don't stock it any more!!! And the other store that did was the other side of town, from where I had just driven past on way home from my Son's football training! Not happy!

So I decided that with what paint was left in the can I would spray up the lid, metallic blue.

Yesterday also saw my foam arrive!! Sooner than it was expected.
So I got cutting with a blade and started fitting into the box.

Top picture is 1.5" thick, then the second left picture is 3" thick. And third picture right, shows it in place. This piece will be cut to accept the transmitter. The third layer will fit on top of the transmitter and then the lid will close off the box.

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