Fire Extinguisher 1.3 - 'Bad Motivator'

Flashback date: 24th June 2014
So, this was my first idea for how to get the effect of R5's Bad Motivator blowing.
R5's Bad Motivator
Then I thought, why stop there!?!?! So my next thought was to mimic the effect from the film, as best as it could be lol.
R5D4 bad motivator, ANH

R5's Bad Motivator
With idea 'B', I'd have extra vent points, positioned around the edge of R5's dome.
On activating the system, Mist would be ejected out of the Motivator pie hole and from around the edges of the dome, along with the sound effects of R5's motivator blowing up.

Roll on a few months and I'm now starting work on how to 'pop-up' the Motivator & vent mist at the same time. The sound etc will follow.

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