R5's Dome Motor.........found motor maybe?.......naaaaa

A Long Time ago.......

I thought I'd have a look at the stripped out motor with gears, switch, 6v battery (rechargeable) from the kids broken 'ride-on' toy car last year. Potential R5's dome motor??

It is noisy (plastic gears). Tried lithium grease, but made no major difference. So I'll either try other gears or go with something else.

Roll on two years and now R5 is 99% complete, I want to get him or some parts of him, moving. This is two fold:
  1. To start my journey to remotely controling R5
  2. And this is the main reason, until he is full operational, I wanted him to be able to interact with the public, by at least having some dome movement.
So I've been looking at the simplist and cheapest way (funds are very tight at the moment) of doing this. A fellow Builder Mr M Dutton, (see the UK R2 Builders Club on FaceBook) installed retro Tamiya mechanical speed controllers for his R2 Unit!

Searching on eBay, I found this, 12V 4 Channel RF Wireless Remote Control.

With the advice of fellow builders (who HAVE electrical knowledge) this could be used to control a motor for R5's dome. Using two of the channels, to turn left and right, in effect power in one direction and then reverse, hopefully stopping spinning at some point lol.

I would like to get a SyRen 10 controller, as this is a proven item by R2 Builders.

Roll forward to 14.09.2014
The 4 channel wireless remote idea has been transferred to another idea for R5's Bad Motivator.

As for the 'ride-on' toy car motor I had......this I am NOT going to be using as it is just TO noisey for my liking.

For simple dome control, rather than go with the SyRen 10 Speed Controller, I'm thinking of using Victor Franco's blogged use of a servo connected to two micro switches to control the dome motor. He's used this idea twice in both his R2 & R5 droids. This is a simple but proven idea, simple I can do :D

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