'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.0

Here's my work on building the frame to hold and lift up the 'Bad Motivator' when it 'blows'.

18th September 2014
After doing some measuring, I've worked out the length of a beam and point to act as an off set pivot point. The movement on one end will then be more on the other end. Am hoping this will 'pop-up' the motivator as if it had blown.

I cut a small piece of angle and drilled a 12mm dia hole in it. This will be secured by the motivators main bolt & nut that goes right through it. Next, two M5 threaded hole to bolt onto a main section angle. This has guide blocks with guide rods to ensure the motivator lifts straight up.

Originally I had flats machined onto the rods and tapped out holes for locking screws, but the threads stripped, so I drilled and pinned the rods from the other side.

22nd September 2014
Next was to drill, tap and pin the upper block to the Motovator's angle bracket.

Looking at the Motivator moving up through the pie hole, I could see it was a little tigher than I would be happy with. So I had to prise out the two inside side pie hole panels. This will need to have wood filler applied, smoothed and sprayed up (See last two pics below).

Using a piece of aluminium angle, I cut and bent it into shape to act as a securing bracket to mount the Motivator assembly to the original inside bolt hole.
(This bolt location was what was fitted to secure the static motivator into the pie hole socket)

23rd September 2014
Drilled a hole in the support bracket, this is for securing to the T-nut already installed in the dome. I cut down the guide rods to a more suitable length. Then the run part, adjusting the hole in the support bracket with a file so that the right amount of clearance was achieved for the Motivator to fit/slid/pop up through the Pie Hole!
This little lot took over an hour and it's still not 100% right.....more fine tuning required!

View into the Pie Hole

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