'Bad Motivator' - upgrade to power lift 'Blown' status 1.1

 Because the original mounting hole position was so close to the pie hole opening, the mounting bracket's hole wouldn't reach it without me having to turn the hole in it into a U cut out, which for location and securing I wasn't happy with. So got to cutting up some aluminium angle and a spacer block.

Bad Motivator R5D4 Bad Motivator R5D4
Motivator in the up position (left pic) & down position (right pic)

Drilled and tapped M5 threads into the spacer block. To be secured through the angle support from the rear face.

Next up was to make the top securing plate. Firstly I realised that I could use the other T-nut location, which meant that the Motivator would actually be the right orientation as in the Film [face-to-palm] lol. This made fitting MUCH easier.

So drilled the hole for the M8 cap head bolt and positioned it in place via the T-nut inside the Dome. Then marked where the best position and fit was for the Motivator to slide up through the pie hole. A second smaller hole was drilled to help secure and keep the top securing place located correctly.

Then, back to the top securing plate. This was trimmed for clearance for the pie hole opening, marked and M5 clearance holes were drilled to secure through into spacer block.
Bad Motivator R5D4
In the above picture you can see I've now mounted the
Motivator to the other side of the pie hole.

And here's the view from the top of the Dome.
Bad Motivator R5D4Bad Motivator R5D4
Left pic is Motivator in down position, right pic is in (max) raised position

Next is sorting out the 'remote lock servo' to lift the Bad Motivator.....

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