Transmitter & Receiver for R5 - digital readout upgrade

I wasn't happy with the colour changing LED to tell me the voltage of the batteries in the Transmitter. So I bought a digital panel readout off eBay, the same type as I had bought for R5's dome battery level.
Testing which contacts were live for when before turning off.
The wire was actually soldered onto the end 'switch' contact.

There was just the right spot that it would look 'standard' in, so I opened up the transmitter and checked available space. Was a bit tight, but the spot was great. I unscrewed the electronics panels and moved them out of the way. Next, I marked a template up and got to drilling and cutting. I needed some sort of holder for the screws to hold the panel in place. I found the perfect piece of plastic. I cut and slotted it the allow the panel to fit into it. I drilled two holes and secured the lot with two black screws I had saved from years ago.

Once all panels were fitted back, I tested the contacts I needed and the soldered the fly leads into place.

'And the Monkey flips the switch!'

       (Name that film?)

It works, lol, it should do!


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