R5 update.....electrics & weathering progress.

Having returned from holiday, am now saving up for R5's speed controller, batteries and extras needed to get him mobile. These two main items plus cables, fuse block etc are going to set me back almost £200.00 in total! And I only have nine weeks or so to get them, fit them and get R5 rolling! This is my small challange time frame as I would like him mobile for an event in October in Chippenham (UK).

I did install the first part of my batteries restraint. A strip of batton to the rear floor of R5, inside. Once I know for sure, dimensions for them, I can move forward with the rest to secure them in place.
Whilst I was inside R5, I swapped over the three centre leg securing bolts with hex cap head ones. These are much easier to work with rather than with a Phillips screwdriver!
I then did some more weathering, to the front center foot, rear skirt and rear area of the body, that I hadn't done. These are yet to be finished, once fully dried I can wipe more paint excess off.

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