R5-D4's Head 4.6 - Cone spraying white & red

Masked off the lower part of R5's head, to leave the Cone area exposed. We have large waste bin bags [clean lol], and R5's head fits in perfectly. The Cone need's re-spraying as the grooves were cut in to form the Pie Panels.
R5D4 Head
Primer applied, then I rearrange masking for white top coat. I masked off as close to the lower red pin stripe as possible to try to elimiate any visiable 'step' lines in the paint. I then sprayed the cone of the dome with Plasti-Kote Satin White.

Cone now white.

Once dried and after a light sanding, I got to work on masking off the dome, leaving the pie panels and space for the upper pin stripe to be sprayed on.
R5-D4 RedR5-D4 red
The Pie Panels were next, not so critical as the grooves will be painted silver so any over spray will be covered.
R5's pie panels
30 mins masking all the panels and Dome off, for all of 5 mins spraying! lol Also sprayed up the removable Pie Panel for Motivator!

R5-D4 RedR5-D4 Red

And with the masking tape removed......

R5-D4 Red

Next, silver grooves were hand painted in.....on......no, in lol.

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