It's the little things that are sent to try us.......

Yesterday I cut some lengths of thin hardboard to be fitted into the channel of the outer feet [internal]. All good. Angled edges, then primered & silver sprayed them up, nice. These will be screwed into place eventually, as they would need to be removed to get the feet off.

So, whilst waiting, I thought I'd test fit the inner feet & outer feet shells, plus the battery box 8).....only to find they they didn't fit!?!?!?! They were a snug fit before, but didn't think anything wrong as it ment no 'play' between the leg and channel when clamped together with the leg/foot bolt! But the extra paint on the foot internal channel walls, was enough to make the snug fit an interferance fit!!  :(

There wasn't anything I could do about the internal channel walls........so out came the junior hacksaw and started on slicing off the inside face of the leg ankle [bolt area]. Got so far, then had to swap over saw as then had to try to cut through the brass bush I'd fitted. This wasn't any good as the amount needed was the same width as the blade which just slid off. So out came the drill on it's slowest speed [so as not to make any noise, as it was midnight in my garage lol] and fitted with a countersunk bit, slowly drilled/grinded the bush down. I could then finish sawing the wood down.

This was just enough for the internal foot channel to fit over the leg, bolt section. Phew. Of course, this means I need to re-spray this area, but with not so many coats this time, as you won't see this area once assembled.

I then had to repeat this operation on Leg No.2. Not so bad as this one wasn't fitted to R5's body!!! hahaha.

Determind to reassure myself all was OK, I fitted his centre leg, and fitted his outer foot. And am please to report that it all fitting and looks........ fantastic :D
Put a bit smile back on my face I can tell you hahaha.

I'll post up pictures at weekend :)

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