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Corsham Sci-Fi Family Fun Day 2013

St. Mary's Summer Fair
Summer 2013
This was R5's first event with his own head!

I had to carry/push/pull R5 over a very uneven sorts field.....boy he's heavy lol

This event was organised by the Corsham Charity Sci-Fi group with the Fleet Air Arm Museum @ Yeovilton (UK). The event was a first for R5, now in his almost complete state.
Can't wait to get him motorised lol.

Artoojayzero was very popular with everyone!

This is the crowed Artoojayzero pulled 

The day wasn't an ALL Star Wars event....... ;)

'Old' & 'New'

Members of the Southern Troopers costume group with R5

Found this pic on my camera


Corsham Sci-Fi Family Fun Day 2014
Another great event with lots to see and do.
The Droids section included a few old favourite's Emy & Zoe Astromech's, R2 & Giles were also in attendance. R5 felt a bit sad that his restraining bolt is still working lol

Lord Vader himself, opened the event!

My Son, keeping an eye on those troublesome droids! 


  1. Next event is this coming Saturday 25th October 2014 @ Chippenham Sci-Fi.

    1. See R5's Chippenham Sci-Fi page for the days report and photos :)