R4-D4 Dome work progress 3.6 - Silver band

  • Sanded the primer and filler smooth.
  • Then applied this second coat of primer/filler.

  • More sanding, later that day.....in between I did this.
There was still some smoothing to be done to the 3D panels inside edges as, I thought, they were rubbing on the outside diameter of the bearing. Tho after much sanding/smoothing with the sanding barrel on the dremel. I took the location ring off and just sat the dome on the bearing/body.....turned the dome and no contact....? Then I noticed that one of the location pins was being obstructed by its location block. The block had been modified in the beginning, but I didn’t notice that when I had shortened the blocks, I hadn’t extended the clearance hole. Once I’d work the dremel magic on the wood block, everything fitted, no rubbing and smooth rotation. RESULT!

Back to the sanding. Feathering the edge of the primer, so that when I come to re-spray the neck join line isn’t visible. In the picture, the area which has been done is showing white. The orange distinctly shoes an edge on the right of picture.

Once I was happy with the edges etc, it was time to re-mask off the dome. And spray up with white.
I sprayed up the whole neck band. The reason for the white is that the lighter colour helps the metallic red shine more, in my opinion.

Once this had dried (next day) I re-re-masked off the neck so that I could spray the lower band silver. Tho the actual colour is Pewter, it is a more natural 'silver' than previous silver spray paints I've used.
 starting to spray up the ring.

And the reveal, below....

Am hoping to pickup red paint tonight so I can finish this off tomorrow. Then it will be a strip down of the holo & radar eye, ready to clear coat the paint work.

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