'R0 dome build - 4.6 - 'electrical - LED's pt 2'

1st August 2016
This piece of work was started a few weeks before Celebration Europe, but with time running out on finishing my Son's costume, this had to wait.

As much as I liked the flashing LED's project for R0's PSI unit, the blue LED's were a bit over powering for the fibre optic's and even when these were placed further away to give more of a blue glow (rather than two pin point's) I still wasn't 100% happy.

I wanted more of a glow to the panel. So quick e-bay search and I found some flat headed, 'soft glow' LEDS. I then test drilled out some wood hardboard and hot glued them into place. Next I soldered them up and connected them up to a mini 12v battery.
Fitting the LED's in place
Here you can see the hot glue holding the LED's in place
LED's in place
25.10.16 weekend update:
And here's the view lite up...........well, this was where I was going to post lite up pictures of the panel. I had glued the panel in place in R0's dome ages ago, but when I came to wire up the circuit, something happened and fried the LED's???

Really can't think how or even when this happened as am always super (ok, past history, 95% super) careful with circuits. So it's back to the design board for this part.

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