R5-D4's - Sledge 1 - UPDATE pt2

On returning from #SWCE I knew that the sledge needed some work doing to it.
  1. It needed a paint job - check.
  2. It needed to have a dome mount stand so only requiring one trip once unloaded from car - to do.
  3. Locations for batteries (the real ones) - to do.
  4. Location holders for R5's feet battery boxes - to do.
So I dug out the paint can's & found a tin of gloss white. I removed the foam protection & starting with the underside wheel base, applied the paint. This stuff stinks worse than spray cans!! Within five mins my head was telling me, "OK, that's enough for today!" It also doesn't dry very quickly (which is why I didn't use it in the house) & this was with the sledge out in the Sun.

After a few days of painting, second coats etc, I've got to this stage. The last bit I had to leave so I had something to hold onto to move it lol (it has to stand up in my garage).

Then I reapplied the foam protection.
Also added these to rubber pads.

Next is to look at some location brackets to hold the actual batteries in place. R5's battery boxes will hopefully fit inside the sledge (remember that R5 will already be loaded on it, so its a case of where/how to fit things in/on once he's on.

Possible locations (either side) for the batteries.
Need to make up or buy some corner brackets.

More in "R5-D4's - Sledge 1 - UPDATE Part 3".....

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