** Celebration Europe 3 - 2016 - The Event Report PT4 **

Friday 15th July 2016 continued.....

More photo's with the attending public. It doesn't ever get boring watching peoples faces as when they see the droids! Not just mine, but all of them. For those that instantly recognise the specific Lar's Homestead scene with R2, 3P0 & R5, big grins appear as the set piece dawn's on them :)

The smiles is why we share what we've built with others :)
kids love R5 :D
Some great costumes & poses too!
During a rest break, standing up all day & walking around is tiring lol. I got a request from Giles, that I was needed to operate R5 out front. A non-R2 droid was needed for some more filming :D
This time he was needed for not one, but three different presenters (Spanish & South American, I believe) but all doing the same short scene!

........the presenter would approach R5, gently tap his dome, he would turn his head to face them as they asked him if ........"did he knew where to find the...... "[this info is classified]
This was run through and filmed a few times for each, with different actions etc. I asked the Producer when & where this would likely be aired as my kids would love to be able to see it, "near the end of the year" :)

I had to take a selfie (couldn't take a photo at the time as was operating R5 lol)
Selfie with two of the presenters & Director (I think)
Was great meeting you guys & was great to help out
Picture of the third, female, presenter
(found picture, not my own)
The day was flying by and whilst chatting with some of the other builders, Lee & Oliver came over to ask Matt if his R2 Droid was up for a bit of TV!?!?! Next thing I know we're walking up the side entrance ramp to the 'Star Wars Live Show' stage!

This next part was awesome!!
So myself & Emma have helped Matt with his R2 & then take a back seat position, where we can still see (& take pictures) of the following. Matt positioning his R2 to be centre stage infront of Lee & Oliver as they are interviewed live on the Star Wars Live Show.
Blue shirts = Lee (L), R2-D2, Oliver (M), Matt, on the right of picture
Myself & Emma on the Star Wars Live Stage
Looks technical
And this was the guys being interviewed & what the crowd saw who were stood behind them.
Oliver & Lee interviewed on Star Wars Live Stage
Oliver & Lee interviewed on screen
Matts R2D2 with Oliver & Lee
Big thanks to the crew on stage for making it a great experience,
taking pictures, chatting & the freebies too :)

After this, I took R5 off for a roll around the convention centre. I met up with Stuart Bone & his R2-D2 and that was it.....photos from all over the place lol. We rolled down to meet up with Brad & his R2-X2 droid, but got asked to 'move along' lol as we were causing people to block up the walk way lol. (I've seen some photos online, but obviously wasn't able to take any, which is a shame).

The day ended at 7pm, tho not till almost 7:30pm did we all manage to get out, as we were all going for food at the hotel next door. Was nice to sit down and talk properly with members who we hadn't had the chance too & the food was great too!

I said my goodbyes about 10:30pm as I had to catch the trains back to my hotel & was starting to feel tired.

Day 1 of 3 done, and the smile on my face is going to be hard to shift! :)

Event report Part 4 coming soon.......

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