Han Solo costume for my Son....... Vest 1.4 'Pockets'

Got around to measuring up and scaling the pockets etc, to fit onto the Vest.
Han Solo
Started scaling the pockets to suit Vest size.
Next will be to add extra for the folds to make them actual pockets.


Just for ref. purposes:
There's a lot of Fan Made, stuff out there, and some of it is top notch stuff, other stuff is Halloween/just for fun/one night only, stuff. By this I mean only that it's not 'screen accurate' enough to be of use in making your own outfit. If your going down the 'authentic looking route'. So if you want your outfit to be 'right', you need to look out the forums that really count!

Being on Forum's helps you to find the correct info from people who know there stuff!
One such forum is the Rebel Legion. Here you will find all the info on all the  'Rebel' characters from the Star Wars films.

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