Han Solo costume for my Son....... E-11 Blaster 1.0

My Son already has a Han Solo blaster toy from a few years ago to Disney in the USA.

I am glad that he agreed to this costume version as I didn't want to modify his blaster by spraying it up. So I'm on the hunt for an E-11 Hasbro that I can modify, spray up. It won't be screen accurate, but he won't have to worry about dropping mine or the weight etc.

Some spray paint, plus a folding stock upgrade and it will be suitable, safe and sturdy enough for him.

Searching on eBay & on costume shops, my hunt for a Hasbro Stormtrooper blaster proved fruitless. Either silly amounts of money [when it's going to get modified anyway] or all the costume & toy shops no longer stock or sell them.
The new Rebel 'Nerf' 2 in 1 blaster, which is half clone?/half E-11 style blaster is now the preferd toy sold.

I have put the 'word out on the street lol, if anyone's knows where one could appropriate said blaster lol.

But not one to hang around, I got to cutting up wood for the handle.

This will be the third E-11 I've built. My first I made, I eventually sold as was considering selling my Armour. I didn't get round to selling it and later was asked to wear it for an event, so had to make another one.
First Blaster I made

Found some 18mm thick off-cut ply in the garage. Printed off a temple and got to cutting it out. Filing and sanding belt got me here so far.

.....Next I'm thinking of cutting out some hand grips, but this may go beyond the 'basic/weight' build I'm planning, we'll see.

Busy family weekend, so probably not much more progress now till next week.....


Han Solo costume for my Son....... materials

Well, as I suspected, the 'Blood Stripe' material sample wasn't what I wanted, lol, so that means DIY for these.

Karen showed me the samples she got from the material shop on Saturday.

Wednesday, this week, I'll be seeing her again and letting her have my Son's waistcoat that fits him to get sizes and to work out material size required.


Han Solo costume for my Son........'never tell me the odds!'

Posted up the other day about new project for my Son. With things going on plus not having the time or funds to dedicate fully to this project, nothing more than research, happened [2014].

Well, with the film release of The Force Awakens last Dec, my two youngest cosplayers need's were re-ignited lol. My daughter, 8, is happy to just have a bought Rey outfit, which is OK, phew, but I'll add extras to make her outfit a bit special. Jacob tho is a different matter being older lol.

So been searching and updating my links, knowledge again and a friend (Karen, who I made SW shoes for) has offered to help with the making & teaching me how to sow with a sowing machine, again. Last sowing machine i used i was 11 at school lol. I can sow/stitch by hand tho, another little skill taught me by my late Mother x

Being on some great forums, gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, and this has helped enormously!! Also links to Cosplayer 'build' blogs etc.

This outfit will be as accurate as possible, but also practical for young person to be wearing and on a tight'ish budget! One big saving is the Stormtrooper belt & drop boxes, as he'll be able to borrow mine off my TK armour, just needs a belt adjustment lol.

Karen was kind enough to go looking for suitable material for the jacket this weekend and am waiting a sample for the 'blood stripes' for the trousers.

More to follow......


Han Solo costume for my Son.......at last, the journey begins

About 2 years ago now my Son wanted me to make him a proper Stormtrooper costume [see my Han Solo page link at top of my Blog]. At last I hope to be able to make him a more wearable costume, Han Solo. Specifically the escape from the Trash compactor, as he still wanted the Stormtrooper's belt lol, and as I have Armour already, this only requires a slight alteration for it to fit him.

With Celebration Europe and other event's coming this year, now is the time ;)

More updates to come.....


......'I have you now!!'

........tickets that is lol.

Needed three days worth of tickets, and bagged me them @ 8:08pm GMT........phew!

Already had ticket for my Son, so two very happy kids lol

......see you all at Celebration Europe 3!

** Celebration Europe 2016 - tickets **

Well, 2016 is here,
and it's all about to re-start with more ticket's going on sale tomorrow for CE3!


Once the tickets are sorted,
there's all the other event's that will be happening and hopefully R5 will be able to attend.

So check out the..................
UK R2 Builders Club

& the main R2 Builders Club site

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