R5's Utility Arm movement - servo No2 - installation

So Wednesday lunchtime I gots to cutting [drill & filing] out the opening in the screen, for the servo arm linkage to fit through. Re-installed the servos and fitted the panel back in place in R5. I then got on with cutting out the right angled pivot plate.
R5D4, utility arms

Pics from above of servo fitted screen, in place. I didn't take a pic of the cables cable tied in place along the bottom, for neetness, but you can just see it in the pic.

The push rod fittings make adjusting to the correct length, so much easier. I just set the minimum position I want the utility arm to be in when closed and lock the grub srew in place. [It's the brass coloured itme attached to the push rod, on the end of the servo arm.] No more whining servo as was with my first wire attempt. As the servo was still trying to reach its end point.

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