Centre Foot - wheel upgrade......again...... 2.0

A few months ago I swapped over the old centre foot wheel for a newer version, as the old one had worn down. I like the wide rubber wheel, but not the fact that it grips to well when trying to turn R5. It also has started to wear down, in part to the fact that I think this wheels diameter was slightly larger than the original one (???) and is rubbing/jamming on the inner foot shell's lower edge. This was made more clear to me at the recent Chippenham event.
Rubber wheel, rubbing on foot shell skirt

So my plan was swap over the rubber wheel for a spare 100mm dia scooter wheel, (was off my Son's old scooter). But the hole is just a fraction to low and the wheel won't spin. So plan was to re-re-use the brackets I original had lol. But these are no good for hole position, plus the wheel NEED's to be off-centre, to help pivot nicely.

A quick eBay search and some aluminium plate was found and ordered. This, I'll cut up and make into spacer brackets.....

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