New Centre Leg - 1.7 - Installation

So last night I started to re-assemble all the components for R5's new centre leg.

  • First off was fitting the internal wheel platform into the foot shell.
  • Then the locking bolt through the angle & Leg & into the M5 thread in the other angle.
  • And next the M10 ankle bolt/locking washer/nut.
  • On went the two side panel, half moon details.
  • And finally, fitting the assemble up and into the bottom slot, where it was clamped with the two pieces of aluminium angle.

I did have to remove the cylinder holder to fit the wheel platform as the shell needs to move slightly to be able to fit the M10 bolt head into the shell. This is not a problem as the holder just pops snugly back in.

R5D4 Cannon centre leg fitted

R5D4 Cannon centre leg fitted

I've posted up on R5's Facebook page, the UK R2 Builders & the R2 Builders and have had good positive feed back, which coming from more experienced builders is great :)

One such comment was 'your the first to do this' !
Praise in deed, thanks.

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