Slip-ring system 1.0

March 2015:
Slip-ring arrived, was a bit disappointed about the size of its wires. Assumed they would of been thicker, my bad. Still to work out how many wires I'll need or if need to double them up.......or to just buy another slip-ring lol.

May 2015:
With everything else going on, this next step had taken a back seat. So now am moving forward to see if the original unit will be up to the job.

Stripped the wire ends and tinned them.
Drilled a dia 22mm hole in the centre of the bodies top cross section.
Ordered some male & female connectors for the dome connection and from body to the slip ring.

The idea is to run a 12v power for the dome lights. A 12v power the will run the bad motivator unit. And a reduced down 6v power supply for the smoke system activation unit.

Drilled out a 22mm dia hole which the slip ring fits in snugly. I then fixed it with 3 screw's.
Test fitting pictures.

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