Custom box for radio transmitter 1.0

I looked at buying a case to store & carry my radio transmitter in. And yes, there are cases, but I wanted something a bit special lol.

I had an idea of what I wanted the box to look like, ever since I saw the scanning crew box from ANH on the Death Star. Similar boxes below pic.
Star Wars prop box

R2D2 C3PO Death Star

Then just recently on Star Wars Rebels, there's a scene which includes this design again.
Star Wars Rebels - Storage boxs

Not to sure if the size of my box will be to small for this design on the sides??
I've also been thinking about not so recognisable designs. The Nokia phone promo box that came out a few years ago, gave me a few ideas.
Nokia Phone promo box - Ep3 ROTS

For now though, I'm just going to build the box itself and think about the outside later.
So a quick trip to B&Q for some wood and screws and I was ready to make a start.

I measured up the transmitter and then allowed extra for the proposed foam protections.
I then started to measure and cut out sides, base and lid.

Radio Transmitter storage box

Radio Transmitter storage box
I had cut all the sides out, but after three hours work of cutting, drilling, couter sinking holes etc I thought I'd call it a night

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