R5's Speed Controller - Dimension Engineering dual x25A

Checked online at Technobot last week that the dual speed controller needed for R5 was in stock, but it wasn't. Three week wait! I had seen it out of stock a few times before as it is a very popular unit. Its made by Dimension Engineering and is THE controller of choice for R2 Builders as well as other robots. This was last week. I checked again on Saturday, three days later, and they are now back in stock!

The Speed Controller has now been ordered!
Dimension Engeering - Dual Speed Controller

For non builders, the dual controller sends signals from the transmitter/receiver to the motors that move the wheels. It does this in, whats known as, TANK mode. So both wheels are moving forward or backwards at the same time, but to turn, one stops and drives in the opposite direction, so turning your 'droid' on the spot, like a tank.

Next I bought a fuse block then [once my bank account has recovered) I need to buy two 12 volt 18amp batteries.

Other items I need are, cable, fuses, connectors, a dome controller and motor and a charger to recharge the batteries!

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