Body Skin 5.0 - Rear Pocket Vent build

I found the rear perforated metal plate I had cut and sprayed, from when I made the front one. I then positioned the grill, behind the Vent slots. Next I cut a strip off an off-cut piece of hardboard and PVA glued it onto the wood frame to hold the grill in place.
R2D2 pocket ventR2D2 pocket ventPocket Vent
The guides are glued in place, one vertical strip on the left hand side frame upright, the other on the top piece of the Pocket Vent itself. Mock up pics 2 & 3 of grill in place, from inside and outside.

I then marked up the main body's 2nd side vent, ready for cutting out. Again, I already have the grill cut and painted from when I did the first ones.


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