Foot base work continued.....

Foot base work continued.....

This has been ongoing now for over a few month's, but am now back on the case.....

Marked the recessed slots that can be seen around the lower edge. I then used my dremel to router them out.

Then wood filler was applied all over to smooth everything and fill in the wood grain.
I drilled holes in the four corners and used the jigsaw to cut out the main opening. Next I had to cut and fitt the lower lip edge, that is on the bottom of the foot.

Monday 30th December
Well with the family off to watch Cinderella at the Hippodrome, i had a bit of time to work on R5. I used the jigsaw to cut out the lower centre rectangle. After sanding the edges, i started to rummage through my scrap wood pile for material for the 'skirt' part of the foot. Cut the strips to length, miter the ends, drilled clearance holes in the 'skirts', before using panel pins to secure in place.

Next will be wood filler to blend in the 'skirt' detail parts.

R5D4 FootR5D4 Foot

R5D4 footR5D4 Foot

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