Rear Dome Rod - fitting

R5's rear Dome Rod was one of the first pieces I made, machined up.
Because of it's length and available scrap material also available time
as it was machined up on my lunchtime. I made it in two pieces.

This came in handy as now when trying to fit it into R5's recessed Dome boxes, it's a little snug. So a little bit of machining later and it will fit alot better.

Space inside R5's Dome is limited, a bit more than I had anticipated. My original idea was to bolt the Rod in place, top and bottom. See pic below.
R5-D4, dome.
Threaded the bottom and screwed a stud into it. Left piece, this will slot into the lower hole.
The top piece was going to be located with the M6 hex socket bolt.

But on installing the recessed box, I knew that the lower screw was not going to be available due to the framework inside. This wasn't to much to worry about as the lower piece of the rod has a location pin. Now for the top securing of it......?

The two piece Rod, allowed me to fit a washer and a soft spring inside to allow the top pieces location pin, to locate and hold the Rod in place.
R5-D4, dome.

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