R5-D4's Head 3.0 - Eyes' test fitting

Eyes - The two Lower ones
I machined up the two lower Eyes/sensors. These have a M5 securing thread & a backing washer in the rear and I have added a 'hammer drive' screw into the front recess. This gives the dome effect.

Drilled the rest of the holes for eyes & fitted them.
Holes drilled and then watered down PVA glue applied [the staining on the wood]
Dome Eyes starting to be fitted. The lower one is an LED.
R5-D4 inside the dome, securing his Eyes
And here's R5 with all his Eyes fitted.
That is one VERY bright L.E.D. hahaha. Shout out to bighappydude for this ;) It is being powered by a rechargable 9.6V RC battery I found from my Son's old toy car.

Applied wood filler in holes etc and did some sanding of the join & previously filled holes.

The started on cutting out the rear recess box hole. Filed & used my dremel with sander attachment to shape edges square.

But now have another issue with access to the bottom bolt that will hold the rod in place, due to the lower dome ring....... ????

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