Shoulder Disc & Side Plates

Phew!! Just re-checked the build plans and double checked a few sites and I haven't messed up the height of the side plates! After measuring the position of where the shoulder discs will mount onto them, they looked like they were going to be to high and inter-fear with the top plate....... then I remembered there's a recess in the top plate to accommodate this...... phew.

Now to mark up the angles for the legs.


Shoulder Disc

Was able to start making up the shoulder disc's. These will go between R5's internal uprights and his legs. Fixed at the leg shoulders.
Template next to marked up hole positions on wood


First Cut

Well I managed to cut out the marked base plate on Saturday evening. And also cut the two main upright pieces.


Busy weekend....

Yet another busy 'family' weekend, so probably won't be able to get much, if anything done, never mind. At least the Sun's shining :-)

Have added the Corsham Sci-Fi Family Fun Day badge and link. I took the family there last year and the wife supprised me by saying that it wasn't as bad as what she thought it was going to be. Not being a great lover of anything Sci-Fi hahaha. The kids loved it, from seeing Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Alien & Preditors, Dr Who & The Daleks. To actually meeting Jeremy Bulloch!! As well as other famous actors like Richard LeParmentier (General Motti) amongst others.


New frame idea...

Whilst searching the net yesterday looking for router-jig-tool for my Dremel. I also did a search for Lazy Susan's for the dome. And found that in one of the Blogs I follow, was probably the answer to my 'alternative-dome-rotation-problem' :-).
                                R6.E1 Astromech [Emy]      The info is in the archive list.

The design of the frame, also makes making it easier and simplier. And as this droid is being made on a budget lol, this is all good news to me.


Graham Campbell

Today marks the anniversary of the passing of Graham Campbell. The founder of the UK Garrison.

I never knew him! But am grateful to him for what he has created. Finding his website, helped me find an interest I thought was just a school boy dream. That there was more to Star Wars than just the films. I built and still own my Stormtrooper costume, and hope one day to be able to join the ranks of the 501st UK Garrison.

Until then, RIP Mr Campbell.


Base marking has begun

Got home from work last night and managed to get started on marking up the base plate for R5. I'll be able to 'cut wood' at the weekend, hopefully. But for now I feel good that the real build has begun :-)


Best laid plans and all that.....

Well I didn't manage to get anything done the weekend. Friday I'd printed off the base plans for R5's body, but then when rushing out the office door, I forgot to pick them up off the printer......

Well I have them now, but won't be able to start anything now till at least Thursday, due to family commitments. This doesn't of course stop me thinking and planning other parts of R5. That's one thing with a project build of this size, there's always plenty to occupy your time :-)


Plywood 18mm thick

Got my free wood. It was going spare and even better it's 18mm thick, just right for R5's base and sides. At 8ft long, I had to cut it down so it would fit in the Zaf. Big boot, but not THAT big!! lol.

Roll on the weekend, and hopefully get the base marked up for cutting.....??



I may have 'found' some Plywood 18mm thick for my R5 build, I just need to be able to get it in the back of the zaf lol....


Inventor Drawings of Motivator pt2

Been working on the design and thought, I'd better post up a 'where-I'm-at' pic.
Back view of Motivator.

Not detailed the front plate as yet. And the top part is only a top part as the rest will be PVC tube. Also the top piece will be machined out of aluminium and will be hollow to keep weight down. The disc in the top, will either be solid or a perforated disc/mesh of some sort.

But this design look's more like the screen version than the previous CAD drawings I did....


1st FOLLOWER.....

I would like to announce my first follower!! Thakyou, and I hope this blog is worth following :-)


Got home yesterday and double checked my previous post..... The pics of the motivator I posted were the wrong ones hahahaha. These were the test ones I did whilst practicing with the Inventor programe. The versions I should of posted don't have grooves round the outside. So I'll have to post them up on Monday.

Also been cheking the net for home to make 'cone' shapes, without a computer lol. I knew I knew how to do it, but it's been erm a few years. That and I wasn't having much luck with Inventor and it's flat sheet converter ???


Inventor Drawings of Motivator

Here are some pics of the top part of my proposed motivator unit.

View from below, flat area will be to the front. The two small holes are for the two cables.

View from above, holes will have studs of some sort fitted.

Another top view
Now to draw up the other parts lol.

Motivator Pie Hole Socket.....

Modified the plans for inside the Pie hole [Motivator socket]. Not that you'll probably be able to see any of it, but hay, that's me. Attemping to draw them up in 3D, no not THAT sort of 3D lol. Am using works Inventor 3D design program.

R5 photo's page

Have uploaded R5 pics from the web. Most are still clips from the film.


Antenna location.....

You can see from the DVD that the Antenna is vertical to the body, not angeled to the dome top! Also, you can see a dark area around the base, which might suggest that it's a 'hole', that it fit's in rather than just bolted to the top(?)

A New Hope DVD.....

Had five minutes last night, before I lost control of the TV to the kids, and watched 'A New Hope' for close up's of R5. Did a few sketches of the Motivator Unit and have a prety good idea of the rear constructioin. The top plate is a round disc with studs around it's top face, there's a long trunk of a body underneath, to the side is a coiled wire with two fly leads off it which appear to enter the top plate from below. There are a few other shadows and a large dark area to the front, which is not visible :-(. Still gives me an idea of how mine might look :-).
1st Quick Sketch of R5's Motivator

Possible design of R5's Motivator