Busy weekend....

Yet another busy 'family' weekend, so probably won't be able to get much, if anything done, never mind. At least the Sun's shining :-)

Have added the Corsham Sci-Fi Family Fun Day badge and link. I took the family there last year and the wife supprised me by saying that it wasn't as bad as what she thought it was going to be. Not being a great lover of anything Sci-Fi hahaha. The kids loved it, from seeing Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Alien & Preditors, Dr Who & The Daleks. To actually meeting Jeremy Bulloch!! As well as other famous actors like Richard LeParmentier (General Motti) amongst others.

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  1. Just going back though my post's and found this one, with no views. This was a special day for the family :)

    I'll be posting up this years Corsham Sci-Fi family fun day soon.....