"Celebration Europe 3 - 2016"

With only a few weeks remaining,
I am trying to stay as calm as possible :D

My new R0-D4 dome,
based on Sigge's plans, based on the R0 droids in
The Force Awakens,
is almost complete.
(check out the main blog for how I built it, out of wood)

Am still working on making my Son's 'Han Solo' costume,
(again, check out my main blog page for this)
He'll be wearing it on the Sunday, joining me for the day
on the UK R2 Builders Club stand.

This page will eventually hold pics from the event
(once I recover & am able too).

I'll be tweeting photos etc from my Twitter account: @JamesR5D4
click pic to go to my Twitter page
as well, so go follow me for the weekend & after as I post up from the event.

My pictures from the event to follow soon...

Blog updates appearing in parts on my main page,
but here are some of them...
R2 & R5 back together again lol
R0-4L0 - TFA Droid 

Me & some walker thing lol 
Another awesome prop!
And a Tie Fighter - TFA version
The Sandcrawler display

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  1. I will be uploading pictures onto this page and my blog in the next few days, thank you for viewing this page & my build blog.