New Tool Box......stickers 1.0

Posted up a few pics of the stickers already added to the new tool box.

Saturday's event brought two more:
Menigitis NOW, UK R2D2 Builders Club, R5-D4UK R2D2 Builders Club, R5-D4, R2-XL

I then remembered I had another R5 sticker from left coast graphics. A vintage R5-D4 via their Etsy shop. Same sticker, but trying to not get a reflection on it.
Vintage R5-D4 sticker from left coast graphicsVintage R5-D4 sticker from left coast graphics
This version was a chrome one, not a white version. These I have stuck on my transport sledge.
Vintage R5-D4 sticker from left coast graphics

Two more stickers arrived with a patch I got from 'Half the Droid'. Checkout his Facebook page here. One was an artistic version of his R2-D2, and the other was the 'walk of shame'. A recent addition to the club after recent events lol, mechanical or electrical, where you've had to push your droid back to base. This stickers is just for laughs.
UK R2D2 Builders ClubUK R2D2 Builders Club

I also placed three very special stickers on the case.....
CFX Pinewood, stickers, Star Wars

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