My R5-D4 Patch box

Decided that I needed a box to hold some of my patches in when at events. I already have one for my trading cards.

So I measured and drew up in AutoCAD Inventor, a holder to fit the patches into.
I used the same upper section and changed the text to R5-D4.

R5-D4 Patch
Here the upper and lower (holder section) have been glued together and some filler/primer has been applied. Once dried I gave it a light sanding, before adding another coat of primer.

Ledt this to dry overnight, before applying the matt black paint. This contrasts well with the grey of the box.
R5-D4 Patch
Above pic was taken right after spraying, hence glossy apperance.

I left it another day before hand painting the text with R5's red paint.
R5-D4 Patch
Here you can now see the black is matt in finish.

And once it was almost dried.....I installed the insert into the box and added patches.
R5-D4 Patch

R5-D4 Patch
The box will hold 15 patches, so when at event's I can have some on me and top up if needed. I just need to make a top piece now to stop them from moving about (there's a gap between the patches and the recess in the lid of the box.

I now also need either larger trouser pockets of some other form to hold/carry these boxes lol.


Upcoming Events - Autumn 2018

Not being able to attend many event's over the summer months, it's good to know that I've got a few booked in over the next few months.

There are a few that are on over two/three days, but due to family commitments, I'll only be able to attend these for one day, Saturday.

October is:
Feel The Force Day
To be confirmed, but hopefully R5 will be there on Saturday 6th, Peterbourgh. Other members to be confirmed, but this is such a great event that there's usually a few astromechs in attendance. It's not just Star Wars, its ALL across the Cosplay spectrum, with lots of great things going on. So check out the website for more info.
click logo for link

Bristol Optimus Comic Con
Which is on for two days. Myself & Paul will be attending again with R5 & R2-D2 on the Saturday 20th only.
click logo for link

Then the following weekend is:
MCM London Comic Con,
R5 will be there on the Saturday 27th only.
click logo for link
Joining other members of The UK R2D2 Builders Club!


MCM Birmingham Comic Con,
R5 will be there on the Saturday 24th only
click logo for link

Joining other members of The UK R2D2 Builders Club!

Then in December, a few weeks before Christmas, this year
there's the annual UK R2D2 Builders Club meetup.
Hopefully lots of photos to post up.

And then I've a very special event,
that I will post up about, after attending.


'JamesR5astromech' Etsy shop

A few months back I thought it might be a good idea
to post up and make more available to a wider public,
my patch design.

This morning I added my stickers.
I hope this makes things easier for people wanting to own,
rather than having to messaging me
through my Instagram & Facebook accounts lol.

Here's the LINK to my Etsy store


R5-D4's metallic 'machine turn' neck tape - UK UPDATE!!

Last week I had the idea of getting some more machine turn vinyl sticker from the previous supplier I had bought from. But when it arrived it was not correct. I contacted them and they're response was that their supplier had changed the size a while back. They were very helpful tho this doesn't help us UK builders.

Problem is that they had not included this in there add on eBay or on their website!

Here is a size comparrison:

I've been back on the internet searching for other UK suppliers of the large format required, but no such luck at the mo. Funny thing is that there are loads more suppliers stocking this in the USA than before, as at least it is available still!