MCM London - Sunday 27th May - UK R2D2 Builders Club

Day two for early starts and a long drive up to London. The last time I was here was 2016, for Celebration Europe! That was THE best event I have ever been too!

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Easy drive up and around the M25, which brings you right round to the Excel turn-off. Think I actually passed the hotel I previously stayed in back in 2016. Once cleared with security I parked up and unloaded R5 with the help of fellow R2D2 builder Sam Prentice. We set up next to the 501st. We were joined by Paul Stidston (spotter) & Simon Battell with his R2 Boba Fett painted droid.

The early bird doors opened and it wasn’t long before people found us lol.

There was lots to see but thankfully the event wasn’t as packed as Saturday. Paul mentioned this as the crowds and the temperature inside the event the previous day were overwhelming!

We went for a drive around the event,
R5 off on his travels...........
Afternoon myself & Paul went to get a cuppa, 20mins later and umpteen photos later lol, we arrived, got drinks and found a corner table to sit down. (Having being stood up nearly all day, as per usual). People wanted photos of R5, so I drove him away from as a short distance. Still in visual and vocal range lol. This was a good laugh as people would stop, chat, take photos with him & R5 would follow people etc and people would be trying to look around to see who was operating him.

R5's transmitter started beeping, so we headed back.....eventually, through the photos lol.

Got back and Brain Herring & Derek Arnold popped over, to catch up with Lee (who unfortunately could be there the weekend). We had a group chat and laugh about recent events lol & they were both kind enough to have a group photo with us and the droids.

There was plenty more crowed entertaining. Including R5 & R2 squabbling over Liz lol... R5 wasn't happy about R2 getting her attention.

Come five o'clock, the crowds started to thin out. So we started to pack up and made our way through the leaving crowds back to our cars. For me it was then a long drive back to Bristol. It was a good day and as always lots of fun.

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