Feel The Force Day 5 - Peterborough 2017 **Event Report - Part 2**

There were stage shows on throughout the day, plus radio Peterborough were reporting live from the event.

As with most event's, we don't get time to take many pictures, but I did manage some of our mini area, including members of Joker Squad.
Agent Peggy Carter (Joker Squad) with R5
If I've told him once, I've told him a thousand times not to talk to strange droids.....

members of Joker Squad

R2-PHT & R5-D4
There were lots of people, some even dressing up for the event. The other side rooms had sense areas for touch and smell, as well as craft making area, Jedi training as well as lots more. The weather was great outside for people to look over the cars etc.

Standing up all day tho takes it's toll, and by 5pm myself and Glynn (R2-PHT) called time. Both having extremely long journeys home. Adam with his R2 & Wall-e, stayed till the end.

Another great time had by attending and people displaying/cosplaying alike. Check out their website link, for links to their Facebook page etc.

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