Fathers Day 2017

This year, this day, like every other year, I am just grateful for my kids being healthy & happy. I don't need cards etc to know that they love me, their smiles, hugs and kisses tell me this. They're asking me questions about life, Star Wars & me as a kid, show me this.

So when your youngest makes you a card at Brownies and really put thought into what I call her lol, that's something special. At first I thought, cool, collar and tie design......

Then I opened it up to read these words from her.....my little Padawan.....

Posted up on my Instagram feed too.

I'm not the easiest person to 'buy' stuff for lol, so this year I helped out by getting the wife a t-shirt I'd found on etsy for me, from the kids....
WOW......this version must now be classed as a limited edition lol, as colours available are only now 'white' & 'cream' options.... Check out 'uchiclothing' for these and more stuff.

(as with other links, I would just like to say that I'm not affiliated with the links I post, I just like giving them the respect, and helping to spread the word of work they do)

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