Star Wars Celebration, Orlando 2017

Unfortunately I can't make it this year,
but am just as hyped about it & for those I know who are going.

There will be UK R2 Builders Club members as well as friends from Cosplay groups.

There photo's I'll be following and 'liking' so check out my Instagram page & Twitter feed for the pics I'll be viewing.


R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.4

More holes in the lazy susan [rockler style] bearing.

Took the bearing into work so I could use the piller drill.
I'd already marked where the holes should go, so after a pop with a centre point, I drilled out the holes needed to 4.5mm Dia. This is so the M5 threads bite a little when screwing them through the aluminium. The holes were countersunk, of course, to allow the bolts to sit flush.

Next was to line the bearing up again on the dome to mark the new hole positions. So removed the three new bolts, positioned the bearing back onto the dome ring and mark, and drill holes. Then two more strengthening blocks are screwed into place for the location bolts to sit in.

I've also found some mild steel sheet, strip to hopefully make the new dome lower skin.
More on this next time.....though time is ticking till the next upcoming event.....


Jessika 'Testor' Pava - small update

Had to put this on hold, but not for much longer lol, daughters nagging me :D

Have got some elasticated material for the flight suit cuffs. It's just a case of fitting everything in, time wise.

Then once more free time is available, I'll make my first attempt at molding.....her X-wing helmet. Still work to be done before I get to this stage tho.

R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.3 + (Banebot wheels)

Managed to do some more work on the new dome ring at the weekend.
Lots of thinking, marking, drilling......then re-thinking, bit more marking and yep....more drilling lol. Customising something to fit something else can be a pain the the a$$ lol.

Marked up the bearing on the dome, for it's screw positions. Then made up two blocks that are screwed behind the new ring to add strength to the location points.
R5D4 dome ringR5D4 dome ring

The 'A' is the location point to be drilled.
And here's the hole and the opening to accept the nylock nut which holds the screw onto the bearing race.
R5D4 dome ring

I had to make two of these as the third hole goes into one of the frame uprights.
ring positioned and testing length of new securing bolts

This fit's great on the dome and the body.
R5D4 dome ring
But because the dome location holes were made 0.5mm bigger, there's slight movement. This may be rectified once the metal skin is added. But may need to add additional location bolt uprights. So far so good tho :)

Another plus was that my new dome motor wheels arrived.

Banebot 'blue' & 'orange' wheels, different hardness's. I wanted two blue ones as they have become as rare as Unicorn poo! But I literally had the last one in stock, so had to get the orange one. This wasn't a problem as the softer rubber may be better at gripping the lazy susan bearings inner ring.
Instagram picture of the wheels.


R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.2

Went to my local Wicke's store, material suppliers for Trade and people in the know lol. Cheaper prices than B&Q for example (UK).

Picked up a sheet of 9mm thick hardboard and got it home for measuring, marking and cutting.
 The original base ring from the dome. Measured it up for marking new wood ring.

Diameters marked up and started cutting with jigsaw. Once cut came the 'test fitting' with it sat on the dome internal uprights. With the bearing sat on top.

I then marked up an inner circle that would allow the dome wheel to not make contact with the wood circle. This next pic also shows crews taped in place so I could line up the dome to sit centrally on R5's body.

And here's the test positioning picture, pre any holes being drilled.

After this was spent digging out washers for spacers, counter sunk bolts for the bearing etc. Which I found but weren't long enough, so these were ordered.

And here's the work so far. Picture taken for my Instagram 'james_r5d4'.


R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.1

So Saturday afternoon I spent working out how I was going to fit the new bearing. I had planned to router out the original lower ring, but the bearing was the same size as the outside edge of it. The skin makes up the rest of the diameter to the correct size.

So that put a stop to that idea lol.
Next was to simply buy a thinner piece of hardboard and it plus the 10mm thick bearing would equal the right height again.

Whilst I was doing all this thinking/planning, I started to remove the old lazy susan & electrics that wouldn't be needed.
This was a great idea for a cheap and easy way to control R5's dome rotation, and has served me well. But it's replacement will same on space and all this wiring!

I also uninstalled my old & original, RC transmitters receiver unit. I had kept in, just incase I needed to swap it back over, but it wasn't necessary. It was replaced by a screen used version from a fellow club member, much thanks go to Colin Barker for his generous gift.
Old Rc receiver unit

Sunday was when I was able to get on with some REAL work.....

R5's dome rotation upgrade 1.0

I started to unscrew the lower base plate, and then remembered that the skin was pinned & so as much as I didn't want to do more work than I needed to, it meant that it had to be taken off.
Started by cutting the silver tape round the edge, then started to pry off the outer skin.

Here you can see the panel pin, that held the skin on.

And here it is removed.

Saturday I picked up from the Post Office, my new 'lazy susan/rockler style' bearing. Wasn't expecting it to have steel bearing in tho.....


R5's planned dome rotation upgrade 2017

The plan is to fit a lazy susan bearing, replacing the small central one. R5's dome wobbling days may soon be over. This will be a budget bearing race due to cost, but have read that these can be upgraded with some work to improve them, we'll see.

This is a BIG undertaking, as this was never considered as a do-able thing, due to the cost of the 'standard' Rockler bearings, used by R2 Builders (and the additional import costs). 

But I've come to the conclusion that it is needed :(. This may mean a new way to power its movement by wheel as the Bane Bot wheel was no longer available from the UK supplier I'd previously bought it from (update: I've now found another supplier). It will mean a new position of the motor/wheel assembly to power the lazy susan.

Next up is a 'SyRen 10'. Found one on eBay for £40, bargin!

So am waiting for the lazy susan, and SyRen speed controller, before I can carry on with dome rotation system upgrade work, both should be here by the end of this week.


R5-D4's maintenance time - centre foot wheel

With events coming soon, that I hope R5 will be attending, its maintenance time.

His centre wheel has again worn down and will need replacing, but am also looking at better wheels, my old scooter wheel arrangement (again) as well as other tried and tested ideas from other builders to see if they are suitable for his build/weight.

Heres his damaged centre wheel: