Centre Leg - securing bracket upgrade

The centre leg securing bracket needed upgrading.

Original pieces were two aluminium angles that clamped either side of the leg tongue, but there was still a bit of play, so the centre leg would wobble slightly.

I drew up the centre leg to see how best to re-do this.
R5D4 astromech droid

So decided on a strip of steel angle, marked up a suitable length & cut it. Next was to position holes.

I'd already ordered some M8 cap heads & T-nuts to secure everything. It was just a matter of drilling holes, opening up the original ones on the centre leg tongue & then bolting it all back together.

Five free mins at the weekend (ok, more like an hour lol) and i got down to fitting the bracket. Drilled two holes into the wood base and installed two t-nuts from below. These were recessed slightly.
r5-d4 centre leg
recessed t-nuts

r5-d4 centre leg
Centre leg back on

r5-d4 astromech
Inside view of centre leg tongue bolted

Then it was flipping R5 upright again to install his centre leg and fit the new angle bracket.

Result = no more wobble!

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  1. Lol, nobody spot the 'cough', deliberate visual mistake?
    I managed to flip the image and fitted the curve and ankle cylinder to the wrong side :D

    10 points if you spotted it ;)