R5-D4's Adafruits FX sound board issues....

The weekend, I eventually got round to looking at R5's sound board 'issues'. R5's 'sad' sound on remote switch no.3 wasn't working or worked intermittently. With the board out and on my desk, I thought I found that the wire was the issue. Strange tho as it is no different to the other wires, all fitted at the same time. I trimmed the end of the wire and refitted it. It's still intermittent, so will make up a new connector wire, but for now it's working, will see how it goes.

Next on my list was the theme sound that has never worked. It's file size was always in question, even tho the Adafruit runs on .wav files (not MP3's). But after playing around with the size and it still not working, I tried it on another switch.......and it works! Placed a sound file on the T04 file.....and it didn't work??

adafruits FX sound board
(old ref picture of original wiring up)
So I moved the other sound to a 'T0_NEXT' location on the board. So lost one more button, which didn't have any sound, but now gained another, a short SW Theme into lol.

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