~~~Christmas is coming..........

...........lol, how cares!!! Bring on Rogue One :D

I know my kids are as excited as me to see this new Star Wars film.

So I was out on Saturday and popped into my local Toys'R'Us, checked out the range of new toys etc. Then on leaving at the check-out they had these posters on the end, I asked if it was OK to take some, which I was as they were FREE. So picked up one for me and for my two youngest.
Rogue One

It's about A3 size on a thin but weighty card. Next stop was my local Tesco store, where I found the 'trading cards'. I use the term loosely as they are really just promo pics from the new film. The real deal cards will no-doubt be released on Film day. These are still worth getting though, UK versions!
Topps Rogue One cards
Topps Rogue One cards

Topps Rogue One cards
My two packs opened
I only bought a few packs as, although I loved collecting The Force Awakens cards, I didn't really want to be collecting these if they didn't have anything new to see.

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