'R0' dome build - 3.7 'Primer spraying of Dome'

Dome lid - shaping the angle
Once the fibre glass had hardened, I used my block plane to remove any high spots etc. I want the surface to be below the angle so that the top coat of filler requires less sanding and shaping. Then I applied filler to the holes and uneven places and once dried, sanded it smooth.

This morning I took the dome, lid & radar eye into work to spray them up in primer, using my works spray booth/extractor fan unit with rotary table.

Next was the lid.....
I sprayed the underside edge first before turning over to spray the top
The primer shows up area's I've missed and need to touch up. Mainly around the square's where I've smoothed the edges to blend as a radius, and then forgot to PVA seal. Not the end of the world. Also the dome lid, still needs some filler.

Lastly was the radar eye.....

And a group shot lol......
Once dried and area's that need sorting are finished, some lite sanding and then I'll apply some more primer.

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