Han Solo costume for my Son....... Vest 1.3 'Hemmed edges'

Karen came over around 8pm, Jacob test fitted the vest. We marked position of where the pockets etc should roughly go and sized them accordingly.

Well, we didn't get round to cutting any pockets, as after taking in the sides, permanently stitched, I then added the hem to all the edges. Sounds easy, but takes some getting used too, and these were just straight lines!! The tricky parts were the arm holes and the rear neck/collar. This I did slightly get carried away with and will need to be sorted, next time....

Might not look like much, but edging, ironing the hem lines, sowing hems, curved sections (arm holes) does take time, tonight was another two and a half'ish hours work.
Han Solo costumeHan Solo Costume

Han Solo costume

The Vest work so far....
Han Solo costume

Next time......after the collar fix.......will be looking at the pockets etc.

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