The Force Awakens....almost upon us!

This last 12 months seemed to drag lol. But these last few weeks have flown by!!

From the early hours I have been viewing fellow builders photo's of the red carpet event over in the US.

After watching the first 'teaser' last year, I've tried my best NOT to be seduced into looking too closely at pictures of the upcoming film.

I then watched the second 'trailer' officially released and knew that the path I'm following is the right one :D lol. I've not even watched the other international trailers, or You Tube analysts etc for fear of spoilers & info I don't want to see or hear. I've even managed to persuade my two youngest 's not to watch or at least not tell me anything, much to their enjoyment, chasing me round the house shouting plot lines and who just did what in the TV advert lol.

My reason is simple, its a new story, if JJ wanted people to know the storyline it would be out there already.

So myself, my two children, my brother & his Son (& father-in-law) will be attending a local'ish cinema (the closest one to me had sold out before I had chance to book, but that's another story lol), to watch the 8pm (UK GMT) showing on Thursday 17th.

I will avoid all news, radio, people if necessary lol, Facebook & Twitter, until AFTER I've watched the film. I've already seen some people go off the grid already in anticipation of spoilers from people who have (after Thursday) watched the film.

Out of courtesy for others I won't be posting anything about the film, other than the words AWESOME or (worse case scenario) something less than awesome.

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