2015 R5-D4's year round up

Another event filled year draws to an end. R5 attended events local to us, Corsham & Chippenham (see post Blog posts for details and pics) & traveled far too, to Milton Keynes & then Birmingham's Comic con at the NEC. R5 really has been transported to places far far away lol, meeting up with costume groups up and down the country!

Being a member of the UK R2 Builders group is a great feeling! Talking to like minded people whos aim is to build, replicate and encourage each other and new members with new ideas on building an Astromech Droid.

Getting to share our builds with the public has to be the highlight for me! Kids big (adults) and small, love to see the droids and for them it makes the film characters 'real'. We get asked lots of questions about the droids from all ages and understandings, some even get to see inside to get a better understanding of how to build one. For me as an engineer, this is a great way to encourage mechanical & electrical enthusiasm in youngsters who may feel a project of this size is beyond them. True, cost of materials, tools etc maybe out of their reach, but the seed of simple circuits, programing etc and even simple wood & metalworking I hope, would of been planted & nurtured in them to give it a go.

The UK Builders range of droids is varied! From the very hi-tech, 3-2-3 versions, stealth controller versions, to include, all the available build material combinations possible! All take pride in reproducing their chosen build design.

The Force Awakens has awoken the Star Wars journey again and with it new films, builders and events. 2016 will also see Star Wars Celebration Europe in London (don't miss out on tickets!) there will be a very large UK & Europen R2 Builders Club presents, so come say hi. Then at the end of the year, the next Star Wars film 'Rogue One' will be released. Plus all the usual events throughout the year.

So from myself & R5-D4, we would like to wish all our followers a very Happy New Year!

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