MCM Comic Con - Birmingham Nov 2015 - [PART 2]

......The Builders club has a great bunch of guys [girls inc] and is great to actually meet up again to chat, joke and enjoy the day!

Personally I get a real buzz out of giving something to the public by sharing R5. I built him for me as a build challenge, for my kids too, but when you go to event's with him & join the others it really brings Star Wars off the cinema or TV screen, and brings it to life, not just for the grown up kids but for the little kids too.

Ian's R2D2 had his first event out with his full 'weathered' paints on, WOW!!!
He [R2 not Ian] looked fantastic!!!
......not that there's anything wrong looking with Ian mind..... lol



Sandtrooper, UK Garrison

I didn't get much chance to take many pics of the UK Garrison, but managed to grab this one whilst I was manning our table, well it be rude not too!
The UK Garrison

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