Collectormania 23 Milton Keynes - Event Report

Had a great time on Saturday!

R5 had been loaded up into the rear of the car the night before, so the early morning start was all i had to deal with. Due to changes beyond our builders Group's control, we (the displayee's) only found out that we also had to pay entrance to the event for attending before 11am! After this time entrance is free!

So 5am I was up, and out the door by 5:30am. It wasn't long tho that roadworks and bad weather slowed my journey, so arriving almost an hour later than I'd planned. Then due to parking and the rain, two long walk trips were required to get R5 inside un-wet lol.

Once inside I saw lots of familiar group faces from MK Garrison, Mark and his collection of droids and members of The Joker Squad, before arriving at our club stand. There I found new faces and droids that I've only met on the group forum. Brad, Colin, Mat to name a few. James from X-Robots was there with his BB8 droid & his 3D printed Astromech Droid, check out his VBlog here.

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4

More members of the club arrived to see the droid's and say hi throughout the morning.

Here are the pics...
Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4, James X Robots

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4 Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders

Due to unforeseen circumstances, R5 was asked if he could 'stand-in' for the other droid that was now not available, for the opening part of a Cosplay best costume competition!
Collectormania 23, UK R2 Builders, R5D4
Here R5 was interviewed about if he was having fun etc lol,
where he replied with beeps & whistles lol. Lasted about 5mins :)

Brad with his R2 unit was interviewed also about the Club.
Collectormania 23 - UK R2 Builders

The crowds were kept entertained by the Droids, kids and grown-up's alike, pictures, videos, selfies lol. Lot's of questions were asked about build materials, costs, time and energy. Hopefully a lot of people were encouraged to join up and start a journey to build their own droid.
The crowds started to thin about about 3/4pm, but this just meant more people could then ask questions and some of the droids could 'play' lol.

We called it a day just before 6pm and we all headed back to our cars to load up droids.
This pic was taken by Colin lol.....
R5D4, Collectormania 23
Then it was a not so long drive home.

Another great day spent doing what we enjoy doing,
bringing a small part of Star Wars to life.

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