Centre Leg & Foot Wheel issues......

Now R5's moving, I noticed that his centre foot shell, sagged a bit to the rear?

I checked and the locking pin was ok, which it was, but the bolt hole in the foot channel angles the bolt fits through, is a bit too big and is allowing the bolt to move, causing the whole foot to sag. As R5's been a static droid up to this point, this issue didn't come to light till now.

Whilst the centre foot was off, I checked the wheel itself. The testing so far has been on my drive, which although is smooth, is still tarmac. And the rubber wheel has suffered for it. This will need to be upgraded, either to my other previous scooter wheel idea or similar. For now though, I need to look at the bolt hole issue.

This wheel was only for use for rolling R5 around, per motorisation.

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