Outer Feet - New foot internal frame work 1.5

Back in work to drill the holes. The three 5mm dia clearance holes for the Motor plus a centre drill point to help line up the other plate. Then using a drill and a boring tool, I got to work on opening out the hole to fit the back end of the Motor through.

Well, the hole alignment between the two main plates for the wheel axel, were off......only a bit but enough for the belt to be so tight it tipped the axel and the other end wouldn't fit through the hole in the other plate! The hole in the side plate for the back end of the motor to fit through, helped align it, so I opened up the holes a bit.

I got Dave in work to weld up the frame.

When I got home Friday, my two axel bolts had come. Once I'd fitted it all together, it looked like this.
R5D4 - Outer Feet Motor Assy

R5D4 - Outer Feet Motor Assy

R5-D4 Outer Feet Motor Assy
The last picture (above) also has the first channel wall piece. These wont be welded on (for now) as I'll need to sort out clamping of the leg and also how best to support the Outer Foot shell to the internal motor/wheel frame.

Next job then was to locate the first channel wall piece. I drilled and tapped into the Steel frame & the channel wall piece.
R5D4 Outer Feet

To be continued......

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